About me and my psychotherapy practice


I’m a warm and respectful practitioner who will welcome you as you are.

I offer Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy in an accessible room in the West Oxford Community Centre.

Through weekly meetings, this form of psychotherapy aims to allow your true experience to be heard, and navigated with awareness (mindfulness). With the support of someone there with us, it can feel more possible to meet our suffering compassionately and patiently, allowing space for why it is here.

godstow abbey, Oxfordshire

What can psychotherapy help with?

Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy is a ‘psychospiritual’ approach informed by Buddhist practice. It can be helpful for people of different walks of life in varying situations.

Once trust is established, the safe space of psychotherapy can become a place to explore many aspects of our lives. For example, home or work life, relationships, mental health and wellbeing. Possibly thoughts, feelings, emotions or memories seem to be getting in the way of daily life. You may be experiencing loneliness, bereavement, or managing a long-term situation, e.g. a health need, or caring role. It may be hard to say what’s not feeling ok. For many of us, we can get stuck in habitual patterns and familiar feelings we know best, even if they cause us pain or no longer serve us. Many different challenges of life can lead us to seek help from a psychotherapist. Sessions will be guided by your particular experience and what is needed for you at this time. You are very welcome to reach out and enquire.

A little more about how Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy works…

Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy works from a basis of ‘intrinsic health’, trusting our experience as it is, and being curious, allowing the possibility of our wellbeing and clarity (so often obscured!) to emerge. It is a joint process and relies on a commitment from both of us. I will listen to your experience and work with you to understand what you would like to focus on and whether I can help. We may gently explore your story in the present moment to understand your ‘direct experience’; we may focus on wellbeing (‘resourcing’), embodied self-awareness, or explore moments in life and how they affect you in your environment now.

You can read more about Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy on the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists page: https://www.acpponline.net/what+is+cpp

I am a psychotherapist in training, with experience working in-person with adults as a volunteer therapist for The Listening Centre, Oxford.

Training, Qualifications and Experience:

I am a UKCP (UK council for Psychotherapy) psychotherapist in training, studying Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy for accreditation at the Karuna Institute. I am offering sessions while I am completing my training. All my work is supervised according to professional and ethical requirements. These standards of care are of great importance to me.

I initially trained in Fine Art before realising a path in therapeutic work was important to me. I’ve worked and volunteered in various adult mental health settings, in Oxford and South East London / Kent. My experiences led me to complete a Graduate Certificate in Humanistic and Psychodynamic Counselling at Goldsmiths University of London (attained 2018), followed by Professional Training in Contemplative Psychology (2018-2020), before starting my Core Process Psychotherapy training with the Foundation Course at the Karuna Institute (2020).


I offer sessions in private practice on Wednesday mornings. Please contact me on 07579 027574 or mail@eleanorminneyresource.co.uk to enquire about availability. Note: this number and email are not monitored every day.


Sessions of Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy are weekly one-to-one meetings for one hour. We would make an agreement after 6 weeks to review how you felt about the sessions. Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy is open-ended.


I charge £35 per session.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Eleanor Minney Psychotherapist
Eleanor Minney UKCP psychotherapist in training
Contact me on 07579 027574 or mail@eleanorminneyresource.co.uk

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